COPE achieves another Nature Communications publication.

5 Jan 2021

The new publication entitled “Engineering fluorinated-cation containing inverted perovskite solar cells with an efficiency of >21% and improved stability towards humidity” describes how the addition of 0.3 mole percent of a fluorinated lead salt into a three-dimensional methylammonium lead iodide perovskite enables low temperature fabrication of simple inverted solar cells with a maximum power conversion efficiency of 21.1%. While the initial aim was to produce a two/three-dimensional perovskite for improved stability it was found that the perovskite layer had no detectable two-dimensional component at salt concentrations of up to 5 mole percent. Critically, a high concentration of fluorinated material was found at the film-air interface, which led to greater hydrophobicity, increased size and orientation of the surface perovskite crystals, and unencapsulated devices with increased stability to high humidity. The full paper can be found at NATURE COMMUNICATIONS | (2021) 12:52.