Researcher biography

Organic functional materials development (design, synthesis & characterisation) for organic electronics

Associate Professor Shih-Chun Lo (Lawrence)

Lawrence held a prestigious Swire Scholarship while carrying out his PhD study on material development for organic solar cells and light emitting diodes (OLEDs) at Oxford University, UK (1996-2000). His post-doctoral research at Oxford University focused on the design, synthesis and characterisation of fluorescent and phosphorescent dendrimers for higly efficient OLEDs. Dendrimers have been recognised internationally as the third main class of OLED materials, alongside small molecules and polymers, in which he played a key role. In December 2007, he joined the University of Queensland as a Lecturer in Chemistry of Materials. His research work has focused on the development of new functional organic (including organometallic) materials for opto-electronic applications (e.g. solar cells, OLEDs, photodetectors, sensors, superconductors & organic lasers) as well as clean energy generation.