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Electroluminescent Devices made with Conjugated Polymers
Holmes, A. B., Kraft A., Greenham N. C., Pichler K., Burn P. L., Friend R. H., Brown A. R., and Bradley D. D. C.
SPIE Symposium on Electroluminescent Materials, Devices and Large Screen Displays , San Jose, (1993)
Electronic correlations in organometallic complexes
Jacko, A. C., and Powell Ben J.
Chemical Physics Letters, 07/11, Volume 508 , Number 1-3, p.22 - 28, DOI: 10.1016/j.cplett.2011.03.090, (2011) Abstract
Emergent macroscopic properties from molecular disorder in function bio-macromolecules
Meredith, Paul
Sir Mark Oliphant Conference on Quantum Nanoscience , 01/2006 , Noosa, Queensland, (2006)
Enhancing the efficiency of bulk heterojunction solar cells
Meredith, Paul, Kruger K., Schwenn P., Tandy K., and Burn P. L.
Proc. International Conference on Electronic Materials, 2008 , Sydney, (2008)
Enhancing the Properties of Ruthenium Dyes by Dendronization
An, Byeong-Kwan K., Burn P. L., and Meredith Paul
Chemistry of Materials, 07/09, Volume 21 , Number 14, p.3315–3324, (2009) Abstract
Enhancing the properties of ruthenium dyes by dendronization
An, B. - K., Burn P. L., and Meredith Paul
Chemistry of Materials, Volume 21 , Number 14, p.3315-3324, (2009)