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Digital Fourier microscopy for selective imaging of biological tissue
Seet, K., Gourlay P., Meredith Paul, and Zvyagin A.
Australian Optical Society Annual Meeting, 2004 , Melbourne, (2004)
Dye-sensitized solar cells – the effect of binding on performance
An, B. - K., Hu A., Burn P. L., and Meredith Paul
RACI National Convention, , 07/2010 , Melbourne, Australia , (2010)
Effect of conducting polymer molecular weight on nanocrystal growth size for photovoltaic applications
Schwenn, P. E., Watt A. A. R., Dunlop H. R., and Meredith Paul
2006 International Conference On Nanoscience And Nanotechnology, Vols 1 And 2, Volume - , p.268–271, (2006) Abstract
The effect of dendrimer generation on LED efficiency
Halim, M., Pillow J. N. G., Samuel I. D. W., and Burn P. L.
Synthetic Metals, jun, Volume 102 , Number 1-3, p.922–923, (1999) Abstract