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Magnetic polarization currents in double quantum dot devices
Cho, S. Y., McKenzie Ross H., Kang K., and Kim C. K.
Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter, Volume 15 , Number 7, p.1147–1154, (2003) Abstract
Regiospecific Introduction Of 4 Substituents To Porphyrin Systems At Antipodal Pyrrolenic Positions
Crossley, M. J., Burn P. L., Chew S. S., Cuttance F. B., and Newsom I. A.
Journal Of The Chemical Society-Chemical Communications, nov, Volume - , Number 21, p.1564–1566, (1991) Abstract
Rigid, laterally-bridged bis-porphyrin systems
Crossley, M. J., and Burn P. L.
Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications , Number 1, p.39-40, (1987)
Highly branched phosphorescent dendrimers
Cumpstey, N., Bera R. N., Harding R. E., Burn P. L., and Samuel I. D. W.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, Volume 5937 , p.1-9, (2005)