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Explaining the Broadband Absorbance of Melanin
Riesz, J., Powell B. J., McKenzie R. H., and Meredith Paul
Proc. MRS Fall Meeting, 2006 , Boston, MA, (2006)
Experimental-Evidence For The Role Of Zero-Point Motion In A One-Dimensional Material - Optical Studies Of An Mx Solid
Long, F. H., Love S. P., Swanson B. I., and McKenzie Ross H.
Molecular Crystals And Liquid Crystals Science And Technology Section A-Molecular Crystals And Liquid Crystals, Volume 256 , p.861–866, (1994) Abstract
Exact results for quantum phase transitions in random XY spin chains
McKenzie, Ross H.
Physical Review Letters, Volume 77 , Number 23, p.4804–4807, (1996) Abstract
Exact results for a tunnel-coupled pair of trapped Bose-Einstein condensates
Zhou, H. Q., Links J., McKenzie Ross H., and Guan X. W.
Journal Of Physics A-Mathematical And General, Volume 36 , Number 7, p.L113–L119, (2003) Abstract
Enhancing the Properties of Ruthenium Dyes by Dendronization
An, Byeong-Kwan K., Burn P. L., and Meredith Paul
Chemistry of Materials, 07/09, Volume 21 , Number 14, p.3315–3324, (2009) Abstract
Enhancing the properties of ruthenium dyes by dendronization
An, B. - K., Burn P. L., and Meredith Paul
Chemistry of Materials, Volume 21 , Number 14, p.3315-3324, (2009)
Enhancing the efficiency of bulk heterojunction solar cells
Meredith, Paul, Kruger K., Schwenn P., Tandy K., and Burn P. L.
Proc. International Conference on Electronic Materials, 2008 , Sydney, (2008)