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Book Chapter
Broad Band Photon Harvesting Biomolecules for Photovoltaics
Kartini, I., Blake D., Subianto S., Will G., Meredith Paul, Powell Ben J., Riesz J., and Vogel R.
Artificial Photosynthesis: From Basic Biology to Industrial Application , (2005)
Conference Paper
Are melanins disordered hydrocarbon graphene analogues?
Meredith, Paul, Watt A., Bothma J., Riesz J., and Nighswander-Rempel S.
Proc. European Society for Pigment Cell Research Biannual Meeting, 2007 , Bari, Italy, (2008)
Explaining the Broadband Absorbance of Melanin
Riesz, J., Powell B. J., McKenzie R. H., and Meredith Paul
Proc. MRS Fall Meeting, 2006 , Boston, MA, (2006)
Is melanin broadband absorbance due to scattering?
Riesz, J., Gilmore J., and Meredith Paul
Proc. AIP Congress, 2006 , Brisbane, (2006)
The melanin structure problem
Riesz, J., Powell B., McKenzie R., and Meredith Paul
International Conference on Neutron Scattering (ICNS), 11/2005 , Sydney, (2005)
Melanin: A quantum bio-material
Meredith, Paul, Moore E., Riesz J., Powell B., and Giacomantonio C.
Quantum Materials Workshop , 06/2005 , (2005)
The Melanins – A class of bio-organic conductor
Meredith, Paul, Micolich A., Powell B., G. Will, Riesz J., Giacomantonio C., and Subianto S.
Proc. International Congress on Synthetic Metals, 07/2004 , Wollongong, (2004)
Novel conducting biopolymers based upon indolequinone macromolecules
Meredith, Paul, Micolich A., Powell B., McKenzie R., Riesz J., Subianto S., and Will G.
1st Frontiers of Science and Technology Workshop on Soft Matter and Nanoscale Physics , 2003 , Sydney, (2003)
Journal Article
Quantitative fluorescence excitation spectra of synthetic eumelanin
Nighswander-Rempel, S., Riesz J., Gilmore J., and Meredith Paul
J. Phys. Chem. B., , Volume 109 , Number 43, p.20629-20635 , (2005)