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Journal Article
Conformations and photophysics of a stilbene dimer
Ruseckas, A., Namdas E., Lee J. Y., Mukamel S., Wang S., Bazan G. C., and Sundstr
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, -, Volume 107 , Number 40, p.8029-8034, (2003)
Correlation between lasing and photophysical performance of dyes in polymethylmethacrylate
Deshpande, A. V., and Namdas E.
Journal of Luminescence, -, Volume 91 , Number 1-2, p.25-31, (2000)
Effects of oxygen and temperature on phosphorescence and delayed fluorescence of erythrosin B trapped in sol-gel silica
Kuan Lam, S., Namdas E., and Lo D.
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, -, Volume 118 , Number 1, p.25-30, (1998)
Efficient lasing action of Rhodamine 6G in Nafion membranes
Deshpande, A. V., and Namdas E.
Chemical Physics Letters, -, Volume 263 , Number 3-4, p.449-455, (1996)
Electrochemical doping in electrolyte-gated polymer transistors
Yuen, J. D., Dhoot A. S., Namdas E., Coates N. E., Heeney M., McCulloch I., Moses D., and Heeger A. J.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, Volume 129 , Number 46, p.14367-14371, (2007)
Gate-controlled light emitting diodes
Namdas, E., Swensen J. S., Ledochowitsch P., Yuen J. D., Moses D., and Heeger A. J.
Advanced Materials, -, Volume 20 , Number 7, p.1321-1324, (2008)
High performance light emitting transistors
Namdas, E., Ledochowitsch P., Yuen J. D., Moses D., and Heeger A. J.
Applied Physics Letters, -, Volume 92 , Number 18, p.-, (2008)