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Book Chapter
Broad Band Photon Harvesting Biomolecules for Photovoltaics
Kartini, I., Blake D., Subianto S., Will G., Meredith Paul, Powell Ben J., Riesz J., and Vogel R.
Artificial Photosynthesis: From Basic Biology to Industrial Application , (2005)
An introduction to effective low-energy Hamiltonians in condensed matter physics and chemistry
Powell, Ben J.
In Computational Methods for Large Systems: Electronic Structure Approaches for Biotechnology and Nanotechnology , (2011)
Conference Paper
Journal Article
5,6-Dihydroxyindole-2-carboxylic acid: a first principles density functional study
Powell, Ben J.
Chemical Physics Letters, jan, Volume 402 , Number 1-3, p.111–115, (2005) Abstract
Application of DFT to melanin monomers, dimers and macromolecules.
Pederson, M. R., Bernstein N., Baruah T., Powell Ben J., Brake K., and McKenzie Ross H.
Abstracts Of Papers Of The American Chemical Society, Volume 228 , p.602-PHYS, (2004)
The Behaviour of a Triplet Superconductor in a Spin Only Magnetic Field
Powell, Ben J., Annett J. F., and Györffy B. L.
Springer Lecture Notes in Physics. 603 C. Noce, A. Vecchione, M. Cuoco, A. Romano (Eds.) (Springer, Berlin, 2002). , (, (2002)
Competition between disorder and exchange splitting in superconducting ZrZn2
Powell, Ben J., Annett J. F., and Gyorffy B. L.
Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter, apr, Volume 15 , Number 14, p.L235–L241, (2003) Abstract
Effective Coulomb interactions within BEDT-TTF dimers
Scriven, Edan, and Powell Ben J.
Phys. Rev. B, 11/09, Volume 80 , Number 20, p.205107–, (2009)
Electronic correlations in organometallic complexes
Jacko, A. C., and Powell Ben J.
Chemical Physics Letters, 07/11, Volume 508 , Number 1-3, p.22 - 28, DOI: 10.1016/j.cplett.2011.03.090, (2011) Abstract
The gap equations for spin singlet and triplet ferromagnetic superconductors
Powell, Ben J., Annett J. F., and Gyorffy B. L.
Journal Of Physics A-Mathematical And General, sep, Volume 36 , Number 35, p.9289–9302, (2003) Abstract