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Journal Article
Acoustic Order Parameter 3-Wave Resonance In Superfluid He-3-B
McKenzie, Ross H., and Sauls J. A.
Europhysics Letters, Volume 9 , Number 5, p.459–464, (1989)
Application of DFT to melanin monomers, dimers and macromolecules.
Pederson, M. R., Bernstein N., Baruah T., Powell Ben J., Brake K., and McKenzie Ross H.
Abstracts Of Papers Of The American Chemical Society, Volume 228 , p.602-PHYS, (2004)
Bond alternation, polarizability, and resonance detuning in methine dyes
Olsen, Seth, and McKenzie Ross H.
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 03/2011, Volume 134 , Number 11, p.114520, 10.1063/1.3563801, (2011)
Comment On The Coupling Of Zero Sound To The J = 1-Modes Of (He-B)-He-3
McKenzie, Ross H., and Sauls J. A.
Journal Of Low Temperature Physics, Volume 90 , Number 5-6, p.337–341, (1993) Abstract
Cyclotron effective masses in layered metals
Merino, Jaime, and McKenzie Ross H.
Physical Review B, Volume 62 , Number 4, p.2416–2423, (2000) Abstract