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Magnetic polarization currents in double quantum dot devices
Cho, S. Y., McKenzie Ross H., Kang K., and Kim C. K.
Journal Of Physics-Condensed Matter, Volume 15 , Number 7, p.1147–1154, (2003) Abstract
Magnetic-field-induced superconductivity in layered organic molecular crystals with localized magnetic moments
Cepas, O., McKenzie Ross H., and Merino Jaime
International Journal Of Modern Physics B, Volume 16 , Number 20-22, p.3071–3071, (2002)
Models of organometallic complexes for optoelectronic applications
Jacko, A. C., McKenzie Ross H., and Powell Ben J.
J. Mater. Chem., 07/2010, Volume 20 , Number 46, p.10301–10307, (2010) Abstract
Non-Fermi-liquid behavior due to short-range order
McKenzie, Ross H., and Scarratt D.
Physical Review B, Volume 54 , Number 18, p.12709–12712, (1996) Abstract
Nonlinear Acoustic Effects In Superfluid He-3-B
McKenzie, Ross H., and Sauls J. A.
Physica B, Volume 178 , Number 1-4, p.219–237, (1992) Abstract
Periodic orbit resonances in layered metals in tilted magnetic fields
McKenzie, Ross H., and Moses P.
Physical Review B, Volume 60 , Number 16, p.R11241–R11244, (1999) Abstract