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Book Chapter
Broad Band Photon Harvesting Biomolecules for Photovoltaics
Kartini, I., Blake D., Subianto S., Will G., Meredith Paul, Powell Ben J., Riesz J., and Vogel R.
Artificial Photosynthesis: From Basic Biology to Industrial Application , (2005)
Conference Paper
Are melanins disordered hydrocarbon graphene analogues?
Meredith, Paul, Watt A., Bothma J., Riesz J., and Nighswander-Rempel S.
Proc. European Society for Pigment Cell Research Biannual Meeting, 2007 , Bari, Italy, (2008)
A Broadband Photon Harvesting Biopolymer
Meredith, Paul, Subianto S., and Wills G.
The Australian Academy of Sciences Boden Conference on Artificial Photosynthesis,, 2003 , Sydney, (2003)
Can solar lead the way in Australia’s renewable energy portfolio target
Froome, C., and Meredith Paul
Proc. International Colloquium on Environmentally Preferred Advanced Power Generation (10th ICEPAPG), 02/2010 , California, USA , (2010)
Conducting polymer: quantum cube nanocomposites for new plastic photovoltaics
Watt, A., Thomsen L., Meredith Paul, and Rubinsztein-Dunlop H.
1st Frontiers of Science and Technology Workshop on Soft Matter and Nanoscale Physics, 2003 , Sydney, (2003)
Dendrimers for photon harvesting in organic and organic / inorganic hybrid solar cells
An, B. - K., Langley B., Burn P. L., and Meredith Paul
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, Volume 7416 , (2009)
Digital Fourier microscopy for selective imaging of biological tissue
Seet, K., Gourlay P., Meredith Paul, and Zvyagin A.
Australian Optical Society Annual Meeting, 2004 , Melbourne, (2004)
Dye-sensitized solar cells – the effect of binding on performance
An, B. - K., Hu A., Burn P. L., and Meredith Paul
RACI National Convention, , 07/2010 , Melbourne, Australia , (2010)
Electrical and structural properties of ion implanted and ion beam mixed polymers
Giedd, R., Tavenner E., Meredith Paul, Wood B., and Curry M.
Proc. International Congress on Synthetic Metals, 07/2004 , Wollongong, (2004)
Electrochemically synthesized melanin-like biopolymer for device applications
Subianto, S., Will G., and Meredith Paul
Proc. International Congress on Synthetic Metals, 07/2004 , Wollongong, (2004)