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Journal Article
Chemical and Structural Diversity in Eumelanins: Unexplored Bio-Optoelectronic Materials
d'Ischia, M., Napolitano A., Pezzella A., Meredith Paul, and Sarna T.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, Volume 48 , Number 22, p.3914–3921, (2009)
The physical and chemical properties of eumelanin
Meredith, Paul, and Sarna T.
Pigment Cell Research, dec, Volume 19 , Number 6, p.572–594, (2006) Abstract
Radiative relaxation in synthetic pheomelanin
Riesz, J. J., Sarna T., and Meredith Paul
Journal Of Physical Chemistry B, jul, Volume 110 , Number 28, p.13985–13990, (2006) Abstract
Conference Paper