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Detection of explosive analytes using a dendrimer-based field-effect transistor
Tang, G., Chen S. S. Y., Aljada M., Burn P. L., Meredith Paul, and Shaw Paul E.
Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications, Volume 14 , Number 5, p.1255-1261, (2013)
Tailored conductivity in ion-implanted polymers; a possible route to novel soft circuitry
Tavenner, E., and Meredith Paul
1st Frontiers of Science and Technology Workshop on Soft Matter and Nanoscale Physics , 2003 , Sydney, (2003)
Electrical and structural properties of ion implanted and ion beam mixed polymers
Giedd, R., Tavenner E., Meredith Paul, Wood B., and Curry M.
Proc. International Congress on Synthetic Metals, 07/2004 , Wollongong, (2004)
Substituted PPV's for blue light
Taylor, R. M., Burn P. L., and Bradley D. D. C.
Synthetic Metals, jun, Volume 102 , Number 1-3, p.1120–1121, (1999) Abstract
Mechanisms of resonant infrared matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation
Torres, R. D., Johnson S. L., Haglund Jr. R. F., Hwang J., Burn P. L., and Holloway P. H.
Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences, Volume 36 , Number 1, p.16-45, (2011)