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Book Chapter
Broad Band Photon Harvesting Biomolecules for Photovoltaics
Kartini, I., Blake D., Subianto S., Will G., Meredith Paul, Powell Ben J., Riesz J., and Vogel R.
Artificial Photosynthesis: From Basic Biology to Industrial Application , (2005)
An introduction to effective low-energy Hamiltonians in condensed matter physics and chemistry
Powell, Ben J.
In Computational Methods for Large Systems: Electronic Structure Approaches for Biotechnology and Nanotechnology , (2011)
Conference Paper
Effect of generation on the electronic properties of light-emitting dendrimers
Burn, P. L., Halim Mounir, Pillow Jonathan N. G., and Samuel Ifor D. W.
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, Volume 3797 , p.66-74, (1999)
Electroluminescent Devices made with Conjugated Polymers
Holmes, A. B., Kraft A., Greenham N. C., Pichler K., Burn P. L., Friend R. H., Brown A. R., and Bradley D. D. C.
SPIE Symposium on Electroluminescent Materials, Devices and Large Screen Displays , San Jose, (1993)
Explaining the Broadband Absorbance of Melanin
Riesz, J., Powell B. J., McKenzie R. H., and Meredith Paul
Proc. MRS Fall Meeting, 2006 , Boston, MA, (2006)
A green-absorbing dendrimer-based photodetector for image sensing applications
Vuuren, Jansen-Van R. D., Pandey A. K., Collins S., and Burn P. L.
Proceedings of SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering , (2010)
The melanin structure problem
Riesz, J., Powell B., McKenzie R., and Meredith Paul
International Conference on Neutron Scattering (ICNS), 11/2005 , Sydney, (2005)
Melanin: a hybrid protonic-electronic conductor
Meredith, Paul, Giacomantonio C., Mostert A. B., and Powell B. J.
Proc. International Congress on Synthetic Metals, 2006 , Dublin, (2006)
Melanin: A quantum bio-material
Meredith, Paul, Moore E., Riesz J., Powell B., and Giacomantonio C.
Quantum Materials Workshop , 06/2005 , (2005)