A quantum yield map for synthetic eumelanin

TitleA quantum yield map for synthetic eumelanin
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsNighswander-Rempel, S. P., Riesz J. J., Gilmore J. B., and Meredith Paul
JournalJournal Of Chemical Physics
AbstractThe quantum yield of synthetic eumelanin is known to be extremely low and it has recently been reported to be dependent on excitation wavelength. In this paper, we present quantum yield as a function of excitation wavelength between 250 and 500 nm, showing it to be a factor of 4 higher at 250 nm than at 500 nm. In addition, we present a definitive map of the steady-state fluorescence as a function of excitation and emission wavelengths, and significantly, a three-dimensional map of the "specific quantum yield": the fraction of photons absorbed at each wavelength that are subsequently radiated at each emission wavelength. This map contains clear features, which we attribute to certain structural models, and shows that radiative emission and specific quantum yield are negligible at emission wavelengths outside the range of 585 and 385 nm (2.2 and 3.2 eV), regardless of excitation wavelength. This information is important in the context of understanding melanin biofunctionality, and the quantum molecular biophysics therein. (c) 2005 American Institute of Physics.